Traffic Control Safety

The three most important words in traffic control; safety, safety and more safety.

Ours is a dangerous profession rife with inattentive drivers, hazardous conditions and pitch-black evenings. Keeping motorists and road workers safe is the most important priority on the job. Our Safety Director coordinates advanced training, ongoing education, purchases the finest protective equipment in the industry, and makes certain our employees understand the benefits of teamwork.

Lets just say it's our interpretation of a fashion statement.

Our Safety Comittment

Image of Road Construction Workers

The safety of our workforce and the public is our highest priority and working safely is the most important part of our jobs. It is our policy to ensure all operations are conducted in the safest manner possible with a goal of incident and accident prevention.

To meet our commitment to safety, we promote a positive attitude toward accident prevention, establish and enforce safe work practices and conditions, provide appropriate supervision and training, monitor conformance to quality standards, ensure employees and other person understand and accept their responsibility to promote a safe and healthy workplace. 

STEP Safety Program

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Following are our safety practices that utilize Associated Builders and Contractors’ STEP Safety Program:

  • Safety Director on staff
  • Wearing the appropriate PPE for the job
  • Pre-activity Safety Huddles
  • Continuous Employee Safety Training
  • Weekly Safety Meetings
  • Quarterly Safety Committee Meetings
  • Formal Review of All OSHA Recordable Injuries and Incidents
  • Mega Rentals Substance Abuse Program
  • New Hire Orientation and Safety Training
  • Managerial Safety Training
  • Driver Evaluations
  • Formal Review of all safety practices utilizing the STEP Safety Program